Ludwig Maximilian Stoffel comes from a highly respected family from Straubing in Bavaria. Together with his brother Manfred, he manages Stoffel Holding, a successful family-run business in the third generation. In 1998 Stoffel Holding moved to Berlin into the family owned Europäisches Haus on the Pariser Platz.

Berlin Kurfürstendamm, Unter den Linden, Tauentzien or the “Marktgalerie” in Leipzig are only a few of the city’s top addresses at which Ludwig Maximilian Stoffel has, since then, realised his vision of architecture, living and working. His understanding of quality and sustainability has led Stoffel Holding from Bavaria to nationwide success. A multitude of completed property projects throughout Germany are evidence of the well-founded expertise and experience which Ludwig Maximilian Stoffel has in property development and which he, as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, now applies to the company together with Giovanna Stefanel-Stoffel.

In STOFANEL, two remarkable personalities with very different skills and characteristics meet upon one another. German quality and reliability, on the one hand, and Italian creativity and lifestyle, on the other, form the cornerstone of a new business – STOFANEL Investment AG. Orientation towards the needs of modern people and a consistent realisation of the highest standards result in residential and commercial real estate projects of top value.

Politics, philosophy, ecology and humanitarian concerns – the businessman Ludwig Maximilian Stoffel has a range of interests. Already at an early age, Ludwig Maximilian Stoffel developed a passion for art and has, since then, been collecting contemporary and modern works. His personal interests include travel and skiing, as well as getting to know other people and cultures. His memories of his one-year world trip when he was 30 years-old, particularly in Asia, are evidence of this and the bond which he still feels with this region stems from this time.

His social commitment goes even further – the Family Stoffel Foundation in Nepal was founded several years ago out of respect for people in need. Ludwig Maximilian Stoffel and Giovanna Stefanel-Stoffel thus are “parents” to 30 Nepalese orphans. With the foundation, that also operates a school for about 300 children, they offer a supportive family environment to give them the best possible future.

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